Welcome to the Hurlingham Eye Clinic

Welcome to the Hurlingham Eye Clinic

Visit some other clinics… and then come to the Hurlingham Eye Clinic. You will experience the difference at a surgeon-owned specialist centre. Whether it is safety, technology or results – all of these come under the most important part of our work at the Hurlingham Eye Clinic – the individual.

Laser eye treatment has become a very popular option for anyone who wears glasses or contact lenses. It has been available for more than 20 years and is the second most common eye procedure after cataract surgery. It is designed to change the shape of the cornea, the clear window at the very front of the eye. By changing the shape and the power of the cornea, light can be brought to a correct focus onto the retina at the back of the eye.

Long-sightedness treatment

Long-sight is a vision disorder that gets increasingly common with age. Long sight is also known as far sight in the United States. The correct medical term is hyperopia.

If the patient suffers from long-sight, it is the close vision that is first affected. Near objects become blurry, such as reading a newspaper or seeing a text or number appear on a mobile phone. This blur for near objects gets worse as the patient ages, and eventually even the far vision can also become blurry.

Meet Your Laser Eye Surgeons

Our surgeons discuss and hold regular meetings with all the staff about vision surgery and our other procedures and are passionate about providing the best possible treatment and care for their patients, Read more

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